Friday, April 27, 2007

Bobo and Tito

Bobo seems to love Tito. And Tito likes Bobo's attention as long as he is protected inside his cage; but as soon as he is outside he makes sure to keep the dog at bay. Bobo also keeps his eye on Fritz - but you know her: she doesn't pay much attention to the warm-blooded members of the family. Still, he makes sure to keeps abreast of the latest going-ons in the aquarium.

I am telling you all this so you see how, slowly but surely, the pup has made himself at home here. He plays or sleeps all day long and he loves us with a passion. And we reciprocate now, without qualms.

We even gave him a couple of your old toys - do not fear: none of your old favorites; only the ones you hardly ever used - and only because the ones he brought with him are starting to show the abuse. We told him they were presents from you.

He seems to know about you and about the pain we still feel for your absence. I talk to him about the legendary Troilo when we go for walks; "Here I used to sit for a rest with Troilo", "Troilo used to love it here." A month or so ago I took him to the park behind the old house. We walked all around it and we stopped for a while by the fence, besides what used to be our backyard. The place has changed so much...!

He sleeps with us - I know I already told you this... He is a good sleeping companion, unlike you he doesn't hog the bed. As you know, in the beginning I was upset that Gabi would allow him to do what she never allowed you, and after a few times I told her so.

Her answer was as wise and sweet as herself; she said that your death had made her aware of the need of allowing herself all these little demonstrations of affection while it was time, rather than regret it afterwards.